Case study: Bronx Community College

The Bronx Community College is launching a pilot program focused on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money. This six-week non-credit course centers on “hands-on” learning opportunities through workshops, labs and professional networking.

Our vision for this pilot is to develop an accreditation program and serve as a pipeline for employment in the crypto industry. This opportunity is open to students, faculty and staff at Bronx Community College.

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How it works

Crypto in Context took root in 2019 with successful pilots in the South Bronx, among Syrian refugees in Turkey, and in Nigeria. Gemini, Flexa, Messari and others participated in these programs, which provide the scaffolding for hands-on experience and personal connection.

A leader speaks up
The program depends on local leaders who are willing to host crypto workshops in underserved or underexposed communities. These educational sessions are often best for 10 to 30 students who are interested in and can benefit from cryptocurrencies or other blockchain tech. The workshops are intended to be intimate, to allow for meaningful engagement between workshop facilitators and participants.
Curriculum established
Electric Coin Co. works with the community leader on contextually appropriate and relevant curriculum in support of a series of workshops scheduled over 1 to 2 days. These workshops may be delivered in person or online. A curriculum might include the basics of how cryptocurrencies and wallets work, local regulation and privacy implications, adoption scenarios, and hands-on experience using a cryptocurrency to buy goods or services.
Agenda and partners
Once a curriculum is drafted, ECC will work with the leader to identify speakers from a group of volunteer partners with relevant expertise. For example, Gemini has partnered with Crypto in Context to deliver content on how exchanges work, and Messari has presented in these workshops about how to use and understand data.
Sponsorships and logistics
ECC will help coordinate and fund logistics, such as the location, food, presentations and SWAG. The leader will be responsible for leading the sessions with our support, and providing language translation if appropriate.

Get involved

Recent Crypto in Context leaders

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area (or virtually), please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Carlos Acevedo

Crypto Community Project

A former high-school teacher in the South Bronx (now working with Brave), Acevedo started the ECC-sponsored Crypto Community Project, a two-day summer workshop that resulted in three internships and a second installment of the series.

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Moe Ghashim


Ghashim is a Syrian entrepreneur who runs free crypto-education programs for other refugees in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. His last ECC-sponsored event, an all-day virtual workshop in June, drew more than 250 people.

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Bola Ige

Zcash Africa

Ige is a journalist and long-time advocate for liberty- and freedom-focused causes. He organizes meetups in Nigera, to educate African communities on Zcash and other cryptocurrencies, decentralization, and privacy.