Today, billions of people in the world do not have access to a fair and open currency or supporting financial services. We build and support technology that seeks to change that.

We believe all people should have:

  • access and the option to participate in economic activity
  • without censorship or surveillance
  • using technology that evolves as the world evolves

Empowering economic freedom requires many people across a diverse range of projects, industries and countries. ECC supports Zcash through research and development, engineering, partnerships and regulatory efforts; and we will continue to empower others to build, experiment, and meet the needs of people across geographies and demographics.

We build Zcash to provide equality and opportunity.

Our vision is to create a digital currency that meets the following standards:

Be fair, open and safe for today’s users:

Open: Zcash is equitable. It can be used freely by everyone and can be used in the same manner by everyone.

Available: All people can easily and inexpensively obtain and use the currency and technology.

Permissionless: Anyone can choose to use it. It requires no third party intermediary. No-one can be excluded from the use of the technology to exchange value with another person.

Privacy Protecting: Users can choose to keep personal, counterparty and transaction details private, or disclose them.

Predictable: The crypto economics are built-in. The monetary supply cannot be manipulated or altered by anyone. The supply can be audited.

Resilient: Both the currency and technology are resilient against attacks.

Evolve with the needs of growing and changing communities:

Adaptable: The technology is adaptable to meet the varied use cases of today, as well as the unforeseen use cases of tomorrow.

Extensible: People can build on top of the technology so that it can be used in other applications to meet the needs of specific communities and use cases.

Interoperable: It can be used and exchanged across different types of technologies including non crypto-currency-based projects.

Self Funding: The technology encourages its ongoing modernization by providing mechanisms to fund ongoing development and support.

Self Governing: The governance is inclusive and capture-resistant.