Electric Coin Company 2019Q2 Newsletter

Newsletter | June 2019

A new domain and a fresh Electric Coin Company brand were rolled out last week. The goal is to provide additional clarity about the difference between the company and the Zcash cryptocurrency. (The company name has changed, but the currency has not. Zcash is still Zcash. The Electric Coin Company developed Zcash and continues to help drive its adoption.)

Q2 2019 Transparency Report Released
The Electric Coin Company Transparency Report details company income, expenses and use of funds during the second half of 2018. We hope that making the information contained within this report open and accessible demonstrates our high standards for radical transparency.
The Earn Zcash Campaign is a Success
In February, Coinbase kicked off its Earn Zcash campaign, which provideds Coinbase users the opportunity to earn Zcash by watching a series of short video lessons about the privacy-protecting currency. Coinbase has reported more than 500,000 views and that 58% of the participants are still holding the Zcash they earned. Coinbase also calculated a 30-day NPS of 83 for Zcash — which is higher than Apple.
The Zcash Reference Wallet is Here
Sapling shielded transactions now work on mobile devices, and we are ready for third-party devs to start providing feedback on the code. What previously required gigabytes of data on a server is now accomplished with megabytes of data and computation suitable for a phone. We invite you to look back at previous articles about our goals and what we’re building, user experience, interface and styling and the underlying protocol.

NU3 feature selection text in the newsletter to read, “NU3 Feature Selection was informed by feedback from the community, technical advisors, and ECC engineering and product teams. ECC will commit to:
Shielded Coinbase