Electric Coin Company December 2022 Newsletter

Newsletter | December 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, where we provide updates on ECC’s work and the broader Zcash ecosystem.


  • Why developers should consider building with Halo
  • ECC provides update on work regarding mobile wallet performance and its SDKs
  • Zooko nominated for Coindesk’s Most Influential, 2022

Let’s dive in

ECC’s Halo zero-knowledge proofs are put to the test

Our friends at Anoma released efficiency benchmarks on various zero-knowledge proofs. Halo was one of the ZKPs benchmarked, and it performed very well! Within the Anoma evaluation, a small task was posed for the proof: proving and verifying a 3×3 Sudoku puzzle solution. Halo generated proofs in this program in less than 1/10th of a second and verified proofs in around 3 milliseconds!
This was great to see, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share why Halo’s best attributes may be beyond its efficiency. Developers may care about Halo for three other reasons:
  • Its trustlessness — no “trusted setup”
  • It’s recursive — more about that superpower in the link below
  • It’s extremely well-engineered for security and performance
Interested in zero-knowledge proofs? Dive into the blog post to learn more about Halo and the three attributes mentioned above.

Mobile wallet performance related to ECC SDKs

ECC recently provided an update around the work we’re doing on our mobile wallet SDKs, with the aim of improving ZEC holders’ user experience.
As mentioned, this remains our top priority and focus as a company. We continue to have a cross-functional team working on these issues. Within the forum post, we highlighted improvements made.
These improvements focused on speeding up mobile sync times, enabling nodes to be more robust under higher network usage, and changing Zcash’s fee structure, which will further help sync times for mobile wallet users.
See our latest forum post for the full outline.

Zooko is nominated for CoinDesk’s Most Influential, 2022

Due to Zcash’s continued innovation and leadership within the cryptocurrency community, our CEO Zooko Wilcox, was nominated for CoinDesk’s Most Influential person in crypto for the 2022 calendar year.

ECC oversaw Zcash’s latest network upgrade, NU5, which implemented Halo 2 in the new Orchard payment protocol. This upgrade nixed Zcash’s trusted set-up, and brought forth the most cryptographically secure payment protocol in the industry.Zooko’s work throughout Zcash’s history has been unmatched, and we’re grateful to see him receive recognition from the industry.

🤔 What’s happening at ECC

ECC is all hands on deck, focused on improving user experience and mobile wallet performance related to our SDKs. Check out our forum thread to stay up to date on that work.

Everyone should send over some love to Beth Patterson (@bethinbrooklyn) for the massive conference sprint she undertook 🙏. She attended Web Summit, FIL Lisbon, Money 2020, IPFS, ETHLisbon, Breakpoint, Token 2049, and Finance Magnates LDN to build relationships that advance the Zcash ecosystem.

We recently hosted a community update before the holiday season. Check it out to get the latest on our work across the company.

📺 What we’re watching

There’s a new Zcash podcast coming to the Digital Cash Network 👀 — and we’ll be binge watching those episodes as they’re dropped 🍿.
Learning zero-knowledge proofs can make you feel 🤦‍. We recently found this great video that explains ZKPs in five different levels of difficulty. Check it out!

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