Electric Coin Company August 2020 Newsletter

The countdown to Canopy is on

In November, Zcash will celebrate its fourth birthday with the activation of a network upgrade named Canopy. This will establish a new development fund, largely earmarked for new participants to improve, build upon, extend and support Zcash. At the same time, Zcash will experience its first halving. ECC will kick off a series of community announcements and educational events this week, plus swag giveaways, so stay tuned to our blog and Twitter.

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Luxor mines first shielded coinbase

On Aug 25, Luxor Mining Pool mined the first Zcash block to a shielded coinbase, at height #949496. Shielded coinbase was enabled with ZIP 213, which was included in Heartwood, the latest Zcash network upgrade. The more miners elect to mine to a shielded coinbase, the larger the Sapling pool will be, increasing the anonymity and privacy of the entire Zcash network.

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Next ECC livestream event is set for Sept. 24

Our Q3 livestream is shaping up to be BIG. Mark your calendars and then join us as team members present on ECC strategy, plans for the activation of Canopy and priorities for the remainder of 2020, including the Engineering Flight Plan and more.