Electric Coin Company January 2022 Newsletter

Newsletter | January 2022

NU5 and Halo Arc set for April release

In April, Electric Coin Co. will launch the next generation of Zcash with Network Upgrade 5 (NU5) and the Halo Arc for Zcash product suite. NU5 includes the first implementation of the Halo proving system, a new zero-knowledge proof that upgrades the underlying cryptography in Zcash and eliminates the trusted setup. With new product suite features, like unified addresses and auto-shielding, Zcash becomes shielded by default in supporting wallets.

All of this, and the roadmap for the next 3 years, supports our North Star: to deliver a world-class user experience for ZEC.

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Zcon3 is happening!

Zcon3 will be taking place in June 2022 and Zcash Foundation wants you to take part. Looking for speakers, presenters, and workshop leaders.

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Edge adds iOS support for shieleded Zcash

With a focus on privacy-preservation, Edge has added full support for shielded Zcash across both iOS and Android.

“Edge was designed to be easy enough for the everyday user, while including functionality even advanced enthusiasts appreciate. We’re excited to be supporting Zcash and ECC’s mission to provide everyone with access to a privacy preserving, open digital currency.”

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Coindesk on Zcash: The privacy coin explained

In a world where our personal information, interests and activities are being increasingly tracked and documented, it’s little surprise cryptocurrencies that offer users anonymity continue to remain popular despite efforts from regulators and exchanges to restrict their accessibility.

“Zcash is one of the leading digital currency blockchains that looks to address this snowballing issue and seeks to return power and privacy to its users.”

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ECC hiring for multiple positions

We’re currently looking for a Senior Security Engineer, Developer Relations Lead, Android Developer, Head of Product Marketing, and Community Manager. More postings are coming soon, too. Join us, and help empower economic freedom all over the world.

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