Electric Coin Company June 2021 Newsletter

ECC exploring Zcash Shielded Assets

The discussion around Zcash user-defined assets (UDAs) has been heating up in recent weeks, and ECC is excited about potential benefits of an economically extensible Zcash protocol. Imagine Zcash-shielded Bitcoin, Zcash-shielded USDC and Zcash-shielded Ethereum.

For clarity, we advocate calling these Zcash-shielded assets (ZSAs) and are committed to exploring how this might be accomplished in a way that also supports the ongoing advancement of our mission.

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Privacy all the way down: Zcon2 wraps

The Zcash Foundation livestreamed its global Zcash conference earlier this month, featuring a wide variety of ecosystem and privacy-focused content. Every session of the two-day conference is available online.

If you’re looking for a place to start, click on Jack Gavigan’s opening address, a setup for the larger event and a good recap of what’s happened in the Zcash world since Zcon1 two years ago. Another highlight is A Conversation with Zcash Open Major Grants. In this session, four of the five members of the inaugural ZOMG committee discuss the progress they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned.

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Poster of the month

Just as HTTPS became standard on the public internet to protect credit card transactions, we believe strong encryption will in time become standard on public blockchains to protect cryptocurrency transactions. Strong encryption is necessary to protect individuals, businesses, and nations on an increasingly hostile and invasive internet. That’s why we invented Zcash.

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ZOMG update: Funding Zcash growth

The Zcash Open Major Grants Committee has funded more than $2.2 million for Zcash- and privacy-related projects so far this year, according to its website. The committee is accepting more proposals now.

ECC hiring for multiple positions

Help us empower economic freedom all over the world. Work on Zcash- and privacy-related projects with a team of scientists, researchers, marketers and software developers who are passionate about building inclusive financial systems.

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