Electric Coin Company May 2021 Newsletter

It’s never been easier to pay with Zcash

Last week brought two announcements that greatly expand our ability to make everyday purchases with ZEC.

First, our friends at Moon announced they’ve integrated Zcash into their payments browser extension. That means you can use Zcash for online purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Huge.

On the same day, Flexa broke news of its partnership with Citcon, an all-in-one payments gateway, that will make it incredibly easy to pay with Zcash in person at merchants around the world.

The market is responding to consumer demand for digital payment options that are fast, cost-effective, private and inclusive. And it’s so exciting!

P.S. Special props to the staff at Red Rock Coffeehouse in Boulder, Colorado, who welcomed about a dozen of us from ECC last week. We all paid (and tipped!) with Zcash. Note the Zecwallet lite on the shop’s iPad.

Is Zcash really suited for everyday payments?

Digital payments need to be fast, cost-effective, confidential and inclusive. Many projects succeed in delivering some of these benefits, but payment infrastructure needs to meet all four of these requirements in order to facilitate a fair and open global economy. ECC’s Elena Giralt makes the case for Zcash vs. Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

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Poster of the month


Zcash events

Zcon2 is happening! The theme of this year’s Zcash Foundation-hosted conference is “Privacy all the way down.” The first day will focus on Zcash and its ecosystem, while the second day will look at broader privacy themes, including new research into zero-knowledge proofs, interoperability, network privacy, and privacy metrics.

Want to learn about Zcash or get connected to the community? Join any one of our monthly webinars or find us at an event. You can access recordings of past presentations on our YouTube channel.

Also, who’s going to Miami?