Electric Coin Company September 2021 Newsletter

Filecoin, Ethereum and Zcash orgs to collaborate under Halo R&D agreement

Electric Coin Co. recently signed an agreement with Protocol Labs, the Filecoin Foundation, and the Ethereum Foundation to explore Halo R&D, including how the technology might be used in their respective ecosystems.

The teams are actively working on or exploring: implementation of recursion in the Halo 2 proving system, potential integration of Halo 2 into the Filecoin proof system, and implementation of a Halo 2 proof for the efficient Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) being developed.

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Watch Messari Web 3 event with Zooko Wilcox, Vitalik Buterin and Marta Belcher

The trio joined Ryan Selkis to discuss the recent partnership (described above), Halo 2, and the future of the internet.

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ZEC coin-holder polling open until Oct. 1

ECC opened its non-binding, coin-weighted ZEC-holder poll last week, to gather sentiment regarding development priorities for Zcash. This poll is entirely separate from, and is meant to complement, the ZCAP membership poll that is curated and managed by the Zcash Foundation. The ECC coin-weighted poll is open to anyone that holds ZEC. Voting ends Oct. 1.

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Poster of the month

As we prepare to implement Halo 2 in Zcash, let’s celebrate zk-SNARKs, the future-changing cryptographic breakthrough for privacy and scalability, first successfully implemented in Zcash.

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ECC hiring for multiple positions

We’ve recently hired Beth Patterson as Head of Strategic Alliances, Jessica Mila Schutzman as Head of Regulatory Relations, Charlie Rosenthal as Digital Marketing Lead, and Sasha Sullivan as Associate DevSecOps engineer. … AND, we’re still hiring! Help us empower economic freedom all over the world. Work on Zcash- and privacy-related projects with a team of scientists, researchers, marketers and software developers who are passionate about building inclusive financial systems.

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