Electric Coin Company June 2022 Email Newsletter

Newsletter — June 2022

ECC releases Proof of Stake research update

As we stated in our initial blog on proof-of-stake research, we are releasing updates to the Zcash community as we go. In a recent post, we describe major technical research areas we intend to focus on moving forward, plus approach and next steps.

ECC’s PGP (Pretty Good Policy) breakfast continues to be a hit

ECC continued its PGP (“Pretty Good Policy”) for Crypto Breakfast in DC with the Blockchain Association and Georgetown University’s Cyber SMART research center. The event saw over 50 attendees, for a third consecutive time, and continues to be the go-to meet up for crypto advocates, think tank scholars, academic researchers, and non-profit advocates.

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ECC’s Josh Swihart shares why mixers and decoys aren’t private enough

ECC’s Josh Swihart dives into why Zcash is the best way to maintain financial privacy in a surveillance environment.

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Zooko delivers keynote at the SNB-CIF conference in Zürich

ECC’s CEO Zooko Wilcox was invited by the Swiss National Bank to present a keynote around Zcash. The keynote was given to an audience of economists from many of the European and US central banks.

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Zaki Manian joins Bootstrap Board of Directors

Bootstrap and its subsidiary Electric Coin Co. (ECC) are pleased to announce the newest Bootstrap board member, Zaki Manian. Manian is co-founder of iqlusion and a frequent contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, and he has served as a technical advisor to ECC since January 2020.

ECC continues to hire, even in market downturn

We’re currently looking for a Head of Regulatory Relations, Developer Relations Lead, Android Developer, and a DeFi Alchemist. Join us, and help empower economic freedom all over the world.

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