Electric Coin Company March 2022 Newsletter

Newsletter | March 2022

New series for ECC team updates and community AMA

Something new coming your way! We’re excited to be kicking off a monthly Twitter Spaces. In these events, we’ll provide updates to the community across ECC’s Growth, Regulatory and Engineering teams, then finish with an AMA. The first Spaces will be April 5, at 4:30 p.m. EDT.

Halo Arc and NU5 activation delayed

Halo Arc for Zcash and NU5 releases has been delayed due to the discovery of a consensus bug during testing. Out of an abundance of caution, and to ensure that the ecosystem of wallets, exchanges and miners have sufficient time for integration and testing, we are moving the release of NU5 until May.

First tranche of Cypherpunk Zero NFTs dropped

The first round of 200 Cypherpunk Zero NFTs went out to purchasers of the collectible toy, but more are on the way. Be on the lookout for more drops and stay tuned to @ElectricCoinCo and @cypherpunkzero on Twitter.
Zcash survey

Poster of the month

When NU5 activates in May, Zcash’s trusted setup will be no more. Download poster
ECC welcomes new team members, looking for more
Please join us in happily welcoming Ian Sagstetter and Carter Jernigen to ECC as our new Communications/Community Manager and Principal Android Developer, respectively.
Ian will be helping to foster engagement and education in existing and new Zcash communities, whereas Carter will be focusing on helping ECC’s product strategy vision come to life by leading our Android development efforts for the official ECC wallet.
We’re currently looking for a Developer Relations Lead, Android Developer, and Head of Product Marketing. Join us, and help empower economic freedom all over the world.