Electric Coin Company November 2022 Newsletter

Newsletter | November 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome to our latest edition of the newsletter, where we provide updates on ECC’s work and the broader Zcash ecosystem.

  • ECC continues building despite market downturn
  • ECC looks to the future with its 30-year strategy and vision
  • We celebrated Zcash’s 6th birthday
  • ECC releases 5.3.0

⛰️ ECC announces its 30-year strategy and vision

On Oct. 28, Zcash’s 6th birthday, we announced ECC’s vision and strategy for the next 30 years. The summary? Make Zcash accessible to billions of people around the world.

We set this goal for 2052, and in the blog we outlined the steps we need to take to get there. We plan on establishing a new baseline as an organization, lay the foundations for world-class UX, bring forth proof-of-stake and interoperability, and then deliver on a world-class UX.

We released this blog because we want people to understand the world we’re looking to build. We foresee a future where humanity experiences greater freedom and security due to a number of decentralized technologies.

In this era of Web3, Zcash will be digital cash, secure and private money.


🥳 We celebrated Zcash’s 6th birthday!

Zcash turned 6! To celebrate, we held a Cypherpunk Zero giveaway where people were encouraged to share why privacy is important to them.

Six winners were selected by ECC, and they’ve been notified to receive their prizes. The prizes were Cypherpunk Zero NFTs, and one lucky winner is going to receive a limited edition Cypherpunk Zero collectible toy.

It was fun to see other people celebrating in the community, with Zcash Brasil hosting a poker night, and ZecHub writing a year in review for Zcash.

Happy Birthday Zcash, the industry leader in privacy technology. Cheers to you 🥂

💻 ECC releases 5.3.0

The ECC team released 5.3.0 to reduce concurrent memory utilization during scanning, among other memory and performance related optimizations, in the zcashd node.

Our number one priority is updating the protocol and our wallet SDKs to help third-party providers fix wallet syncing issues. As many are aware, an increased on-chain transaction load has resulted in a decreased performance for everyday users and ecosystem partners.

We’re currently focused on alleviating these issues, with our immediate objectives centered on working with third-party wallets that are built on our SDKs as well as improvements to node performance and memory usage.

If you’re having any performance issues with your Zcash mobile wallet, or zcashd full node, let us know in the forums. Our team will get back and help you resolve the issue.

🤔 What’s happening at ECC

As mentioned, we announced our 30 year strategy, released 5.3.0 and celebrated Zcash’s birthday. We also hosted a special PGP* (Pretty Good Policy) for Crypto breakfast to celebrate global encryption day, with guest speakers Zooko Wilcox, Phil Zimmerman, and other industry leaders delivering remarks.

Josh Swihart joined a privacy panel at the zkHouse at Devcon, Ying Tong hosted a panel at Devcon, Chris Tomeo was a speaker at IPFS’s privacy panel at FILLisbon, and Ian Sagstetter had an opinion piece featured in CoinDesk.

We also released our transparency report detailing our finances and operating expenses for Q1 2022.

📺 What we’re watching

Chris Tomeo’s panel discussion in Lisbon! He does a great job of breaking down why privacy is normal.

Josh’s privacy panel at the zkHouse at Devcon can be found here.

Here’s a link to the latest Arborist Call recording, where Zcash’s ecosystem of developers discuss protocol development.

🔗 Zcash ecosystem links

We’ve curated a few links from the broader ecosystem in case you haven’t seen them.

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