Electric Coin Company October 2022 Newsletter

Hi everyone! Welcome to our latest edition of the newsletter, where we provide updates on ECC’s work and the broader Zcash ecosystem.

  • Lots of community events this past month
  • We are aware of the increase in Zcash blockchain size, and are working on improvements
  • ECC attends Mainnet, Zooko and Gary both speak
🤝 ECC hosts Zcash community events

The last few weeks were really busy for our team. We held a number of different community events, online and IRL, and the response was extremely positive.

The highlights were hosting our Crypto in Context eventPGP (Pretty Good Policy), a joint Twitter spaces with Espresso Systems, and a community event at Miami University.

Whether it’s building relationships with policy makers, teaching students about the fundamentals of Zcash, or hosting discussions with the industry’s finest, we’ve appreciated the opportunities we’ve had to engage with various communities.

ECC views its work with the Zcash community as a top priority, and the last few weeks have really highlighted our focus. We’re excited to keep building in this area.

⛓️ Zcash blockchain size

It was highlighted in various crypto Twitter circles that the size of the Zcash blockchain has grown significantly.

We released a statement clarifying that this has been a known issue, and we have been focusing our attention on performance improvements. Releases 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 have improved the performance for zcashd users, and mobile wallet users are now reporting improved sync times. As mentioned in our statement, the vast majority of Zcash users are unaffected by the increased size of the blockchain.

We’ll continue to communicate with the Zcash community on our contributions here, and we’d also like to thank our ecosystem partners for their work around improving Zcash UX.


🗽 ECC attends Mainnet, with Zooko and Gary as speakers

The ECC attended Mainnet 2022, on a mission to normalize crypto privacy. We had a booth, handed out what attendees claimed was “the conference’s best swag,” and built relationships with others in the industry.

Zooko Wilcox and Gary Weinstein also spoke on panels at the conference and covered a number of topics. Both conversations pointed back to the fact that privacy is normal, and that users need to have the option to maintain financial privacy.

Want to watch the talks? You can see Zooko’s chat with Vitalik here, and Gary’s panel discussion here.

🤔 What’s happening at ECC

As mentioned, we’ve been hosting a number of community events, and also attended Mainnet. Our team is continuing to work on Zcash performance improvements, and we’ll continue our community updates on Twitter spaces. The date/time for the next one will be announced.

We’re also in Bogota for Devcon, with Josh Swihart speaking on a privacy panel with other industry leaders.

📺 What we’re watching

Zooko and Gary’s chats at Mainnet! You can see their talks on the Messari YouTube channel.

Missed Zooko’s chat with the Bankless team? Here’s the link to their discussion.

Here’s a link to the latest Arborist Call recording, where Zcash’s ecosystem of developers discuss protocol development.

🔗 Zcash ecosystem links
We’ve curated a few links from the broader ecosystem in case you haven’t seen them.
We’re Hiring!

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