Andy Murray
Ben Beale
Security QA Engineer
Beth Patterson
Head of Strategic Alliances
Carter Jernigan
Principal Android Developer
Charlie O'Keefe
Charlie Rosenthal
Digital Marketing
Chris Tomeo
Head of Growth Marketing
Daira Hopwood
Distinguished Engineer and Protocol Designer
Gary Weinstein
Head of Global Regulatory Relations
Greg Pfeil
Senior Software Engineer
Matilda Johnson
Project Coordinator
Pacu Gindre
Principal iOS Developer
Ian Sagstetter
Communications and Community Manager
Jack Grigg
Distinguished Engineer
Janie Swingle
HR Assistant / Growth Coordinator
Joseph Van Geffen
Design Lead
Josh Swihart
SVP Growth, Product Strategy and Regulatory Affairs
Kristopher Nuttycombe
Lead Engineer
Larry Ruane
Senior Engineer
Margaret Baily
Business Operations Manager and Assistant to the CEO
Marshall Gaucher
Principal DevOps Engineer
Nathan Wilcox
Chief Research Officer
Paul Brigner
Head of U.S. Public Policy and Strategic Advocacy
Savannah Baily
Head of Talent Acquisition
Associate DevSecOps Engineer // Photo not available yet
Sean Bowe
Distinguished Engineer
Tatyana Vinogradova
Head of Product Marketing
Yasser Isa
Senior DevSecOps Engineer
Zooko Wilcox
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Scientific Advisory Group

Arthur Breitman
Gordon Mohr
Mary Maller
Vitalik Buterin
Zaki Manian

Outside Counsel

Brian Klein
Litigation Counsel
Dana Syracuse
Cryptocurrencies and Financial Regulation
Gino R. Serra
Corporate Counsel

Bootstrap Board of Directors

Alan Fairless
Christina Garman
Zaki Manian
Zooko Wilcox