ECC tracks various on-chain metrics related to transparent and shielded storage and use. The data shared here represents information we believe to be most relevant to the ecosystem. See for more information on Zcash addresses and transaction types.

Market Summary


Market Cap

Visible Transaction Volume (24 hrs)

Payments (24 hrs)

* Statistics and values compiled from Messari

Zcash Transactions

Zcash Transactions by Month

Total number of transactions per month broken down by transparent, partially shielded and shielded transaction types. Partially shielded transactions involve a mix of shielded and transparent addresses.

Aggregate Number of Shielded Transactions Over Time

The total number of fully shielded transactions that have occurred. Unlike with mixers, Zcash users are able to take advantage of a growing privacy set that includes all prior shielded transactions.

Zcash Pools

Zcash Stored in Shielded Pools

The amount of ZEC stored in each of Zcash's two shielded pools: Sprout (original) and Sapling (current).