ECC tracks various on-chain metrics related to transparent and shielded storage and use. The data shared here represents information we believe to be most relevant to the ecosystem. See for more information on Zcash addresses.


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* Statistics and values compiled from Messari.
** Current ZEC Supply and Market Cap are calculated using Messari's Outstanding Supply parameter.

Zcash privacy sets

Zcash’s privacy sets protect you against on-chain linkability analysis. Each shielded pool in Zcash has its own privacy set. This graph shows the Sapling privacy set, which launched in 2018, and the Orchard privacy set, which launched May 31, 2022. Transactions with at least one shielded output are a good measure of a Zcash privacy set because in general, the more shielded outputs in a given pool, the more difficult it is to link transactions that interact with that pool.

Zcash users are able to take advantage of a privacy set that grows over time. This is superior to coins that use mixing where the privacy set is limited to the number transactions mixed together at a single moment in time. Click here for detailed breakdown of Zcash output data since 2016.

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Zcash shielded pools

Zcash users are increasingly storing more of their ZEC in shielded pools. The Orchard shielded pool launched May 31, 2022.

This graph shows the amount of ZEC stored in each of Zcash’s three shielded pools: Sprout (original), Sapling and Orchard. Click here for detailed breakdown of pool data since 2016.

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