Building a full-stack user experience for Zcash, so you can be free

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A new system, outside and adjacent to the old system

Zashi App

Store, send, and receive $ZEC (the Zcash coin), and include secret messages with each transaction. Zashi keeps all your information private and in your control.

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our mission is to empower economic freedom

financial privacy is core to this endeavor, and essential to protect human dignity, security, self-sovereignty, and consent

Obtaining financial privacy should be easy — as easy as closing the curtains in your home. But with the emergence of Web2, power is deeply centralized, and those with control are already in your living room. You can’t close the curtains. We must build something new.

This new system of financial tools, accessible to everyone, will be user-friendly, fully private with options for disclosure, and its supporting infrastructure will be distributed and robust.

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