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A mobile wallet for Zcash

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Introducing Zashi: A (shielded) Zcash mobile wallet

Zashi is a self-custody, Zcash-only, shielded wallet that gives you a way to send, receive, and spend $ZEC (the Zcash coin). Zashi your friends and family, Zashi your barista, Zashi your web developer — without a middleman taking his cut, and without someone in a government building or corporate tower tracking your every move.


Transact your way

Transact your Way

Sending and receiving $ZEC is way faster and cheaper than Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies. And Zashi is easy enough for anyone — whether you’re a crypto pro or a newbie.

Get your privacy back

Get Your Privacy Back

The world doesn’t have to know whom you send money to or what you buy. With Zashi, your transaction information is fully encrypted. The Zashi developers can’t even see it!

Zashi your secret messages

Attach a memo, make a joke, or send a love note to your bae. Zashi secret messages stay secret. Just like your transaction information, the messages you send through Zashi are private-to-the-max.

Download Zashi now:

Do your thing.

(Even if your thing is pizza)


Zashi is the easiest way to use Zcash.

Send $ZEC to a friend, transfer to and from an exchange, buy some vinyl, whatever! Your thing is your thing. Be free and Zashi how you like.

Download Zashi now:

Zashi App
Zashi App

Built and maintained by Electric Coin Co. (ECC), the inventor of Zcash, Zashi features a built-in user-feedback mechanism to enable more features, more quickly.

Download Zashi now:

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