New Release: 3.0.0

Heartwood activation on mainnet This release supports the Heartwood activation on mainnet, which will occur at a block height of

Explaining viewing keys

Viewing keys, detailed in ZIP 310, enable the separation of spending and viewing permissions for Zcash shielded addresses. By creating

New Release: 2.1.2-3

Electric Coin Co. has released zcashd 2.1.2-3, a hotfix that addresses issues identified in the Heartwood activation on testnet. This

NU4 feature selection

As part of the Zcash Improvement Proposal and Network Upgrade Pipeline, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) is publishing our commitment of

The state of Zcash adoption

Since 2016, Zcash has become one of the most widely adopted digital currencies, supported by high-quality financial institutions and crypto

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