ECC sets objectives and planning through January 2024

Now and through the end of January 2024, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) objectives center on delivering an improved ZEC user experience, primarily through the Zashi wallet. Across teams — Product; Engineering; PeopleOps; and Communications and Advocacy — ECC employees are focused on work that either directly contributes to the wallet or in some way makes ZEC and Zashi adoption more viable.

Background: ECC uses an OKR process for prioritizing and delivering measurable work on four-month cycles. In October, teams met and finalized planning for T3 2023-24 (October-January).

Priorities were developed to accomplish or make meaningful progress on the following: 

  1. Release the next version of the Zashi app including a new UX and UI
  2. Transition more responsibilities to the wider Zcash community so ECC can focus on building Zashi, starting with the Decentralizing Zcash Digital effort. 
  3. Take meaningful steps in the effort to transition Zcash from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS), Zashi’s eventual consensus mechanism, by publishing a design with security arguments, and a protocol simulator.
  4. Maintain policy efforts to ensure Zashi and Zcash are (1) accessible and usable by people in the United States and (2) considered socially beneficial. Continue hosting notable policy events and publishing episodes of the PGP for Crypto Podcast.
  5. Support select ecosystem teams and projects that directly benefit Zashi users
    1. Support Brave’s integration of Zcash and encrypted media/files.
    2. Support Edge, Unstoppable, and Nighthawk’s use of the ECC mobile wallet SDKs.
    3. Build and/or improve Zashi features (e.g., implementing ZIP-317 and Orchard).

Each ECC team has built their OKRs to support these company objectives.

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