The Zcash brand is a sacred trust.
Between us, you, them, we.

It represents years of innovative thinking by brilliant scientists, cryptographers and engineers.
But Zcash is not science for the sake of science.
Zcash is not engineering for the sake of engineering.

The mission is broader.

Zcash was built as a means to empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity.

To date, we have done a good job of informing and engaging fellow scientists and engineers with details on zk-SNARKs and elliptic curves.

Beginning late October, Sapling will bring the power of shielded transactions to more people. Our brand and messaging should include them.

We hope that the refreshed brand and website reflect our clear and profound mission,
inviting everyone to join us as we struggle together in this grand experiment — to shake financial foundations
and build a future that honors all people, for all time.