Perspectives on Regulation from Van Valkenburgh

We’re changing things up this week and presenting a three-video set featuring Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at Coin Center. Van Valkenburgh is also a member of the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors.

In the first clip, Van Valkenburgh discusses the three main branches of regulatory policy that touch cryptocurrency, covering topics ranging from ICOs to anti-money laundering.

“… I think the warrant requirement for investigations into your financial bank records might be reasonable. That’s a big part of why I believe in privacy-protecting technologies like Zcash.” – P. Van Valkenburgh

In the second segment, Van Valkenburgh recounts how a recent approval by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) signals a positive step forward in the relationship between privacy-protecting technologies and regulatory compliance.

“… The decision of the Department of Financial Services to allow Gemini to list Zcash as one of their currency pairs — Zcash to dollars — was a pretty encouraging moment.” – P. Van Valkenburgh

The final video in this set features Van Valkenburgh’s views on how to achieve regulatory objectives related to law enforcement, in a world where new technologies like privacy on the blockchain exist.

“… I have not seen or heard of anyone calling specifically for heavy-handed regulation, in the way that you have in some other countries around the world, for a ban, or anything like that, or even for direct regulation of those who do protocol development in these technologies.” – P. Van Valkenburgh

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