Perspectives on Privacy and Regulation from Gavigan and Bowe

This week’s Perspectives series continues with a discussion about the intersection of privacy and regulation.

Jack Gavigan, the Zcash Company’s Chief Operations Officer, explains why cryptocurrencies are a wake up call for regulators and the argument for privacy-protecting technology.

“… We talked to policymakers to help them understand this technology [Zcash], help them understand the implications that it has for policy-making, for law enforcement, for regulation, for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. And once they learn about it, they start to understand that is not all that different from say, something like cash.” J. Gavigan

Sean Bowe, an Engineer at Zcash Company, explains why he believes privacy is a human right and his rationale for maintaining an optimistic outlook about government regulation.

“I’m most optimistic about the fact that governments, especially regulators, are beginning to understand that privacy is necessary for finance and that decentralized models of financial activity, such as bitcoin and crypto currencies and so on, are important and that privacy is incredibly important for those models to function correctly.” S. Bowe

A library of prior videos in the Perspectives series is available on the Zcash YouTube channel. Each link appears below, as well.

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