New Release: 1.0.10

UPDATE: We are aware of an issue that causes nodes running v1.0.10 to be unable to connect to other nodes, and vice versa. Users are advised to upgrade to v1.0.10-1, which fixes the issue.

Today we’re announcing the release of Zcash 1.0.10, which includes privacy and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Summary of the changes included in this release:

  1. We improved the privacy of transactions created by our wallet that pay from shielded addresses to transparent addresses. The new version conceals more information about shielded note values in chained JoinSplit transactions. (#2440)
  2. We improved reindexing and block download performance by switching to libsecp256k1 for transparent signature validation. (#2335, stats)
  3. We added a config parameter to reject transactions from the mempool by number of transparent inputs. This is a short-term workaround to handle periods of high network load, and will be replaced in the future by a more comprehensive mechanism. (#2342)
  4. We merged several build system portability fixes. (#2412, #2420, #2436)

We’re encouraging all users and miners to update to this new version. See our download page and the 1.0 User Guide for more information.

For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.10 GitHub milestone. To follow our progress, watch the GitHub project and join the forum.

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