New Release: 1.0.12

Today we’re announcing the release of Zcash 1.0.12, which includes bug fixes and usability improvements. It also adds a new RPC method z_shieldcoinbase as an experimental feature, for easily shielding coinbase UTXOs. We encourage mining pools and exchanges to test it out over the next few weeks, and give feedback, before we make it a fully-supported RPC method in an upcoming release.

Summary of the changes included in this release:

  1. We added z_shieldcoinbase as an experimental feature. (#2615)
  2. We changed the importprivkey RPC method to return the public address corresponding to the imported key. (#2616)
  3. We fixed build issues encountered when using GCC 7. (#2545)
  4. We added support for fetching the public network parameters from IPFS. (#2597)

We’re encouraging all users and miners to update to this new version. See our download page and the 1.0 User Guide for more information.

For a more complete list of changes, see our 1.0.12 GitHub milestone. To follow our progress, watch the GitHub project and join the forum.

REMINDER: The 1.0.9 release will reach deprecation in the next day or so, and 1.0.9 nodes will automatically shut down at that time. See our blog post last week for details. Users running 1.0.9 should take one of the following steps:

  • Upgrade to the latest release of zcashd.
  • Opt-out of deprecation by using the -disabledeprecation=1.0.9 config flag.

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