New Release 4.6.0

TL;DR: The 4.5.0, 4.5.1, and 4.5.1-1 zcashd nodes will reach End of Service on or about January 10, 2022. Prior to that time, all testnet and mainnet nodes should upgrade to 4.6.0 or later release.

Notable changes


From this release, newly-created wallets will save the chain name (“Zcash”) and network identifier (e.g. “main”) to the wallet.dat file. This will enable the zcashd node to check on subsequent starts that the wallet.dat file matches the node’s configuration. Existing wallets will start saving this information in a later release.


Two new APIs have been added to this library (zcash_script_legacy_sigop_count and zcash_script_legacy_sigop_count_precomputed), for counting the number of signature operations in the transparent inputs and outputs of a transaction. The presence of these APIs is indicated by a library API version of 2.

Updated RPCs

  • The getblocktemplate RPC method output now includes a defaultroots field, which provides various tree roots and block commitments matching the contents of the block template. If any part of the block template marked as mutable in the RPC method output is mutated, these roots may need to be recomputed. For more information on the derivation process, see the block header changes in ZIP 244.
  • Fixed an issue where ERROR: spent index not enabled would be logged unnecessarily on nodes that have either -insightexplorer or -lightwalletd configuration options enabled.
  • The getmininginfo RPC now omits currentblocksize and currentblocktx when a block was never assembled via RPC on this node during its current process instantiation.

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