New Release 5.4.0

Release 5.4.0 introduces a number of performance improvements, an update to correct supply reporting, and a clean up of legacy features and support functionality to improve ongoing maintenance of the codebase.

Improving third-party wallet performance through updates to our wallet SDK and the Zcash protocol continues to be our primary focus at ECC. In parallel, we continue to work through known issues and reduce legacy “tech debt.”

Summary of Changes

  • Chain supply values now include transparent and all shielded pools. Node operators must reindex their nodes if they want accurate supply information displayed for the entire chain.
  • Replaced 100MiB memory limit with 1000-block limit to eliminate an expensive memory usage call in the batch scanner.
  • Improved block template performance with backported Bitcoin Core code.
  • Removed CentOS 8 as a supported platform due to operating system reaching End-of-Life on December 31, 2021.

Additional RPC changes and feature deprecations have been included in this release. For technical details on these changes, please read the full release notes available here.

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