New Release 5.9.0

zcashd 5.9.0 is a maintenance release that updates dependencies and sets a new end-of-service height to ensure continuity of services. (End-of-service information is available here.) All users are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

The most notable change is that the license documentation has been updated to account for the `orchard` crate now being licensed under “MIT OR Apache-2.0.”

Platform Support

  • Debian 11 (Bookworm) is now a Tier 1 platform.
  • Intel macOS will be formally downgraded to a Tier 3 platform in the next release. Previously it has informally been at both Tier 1 (because builds and tests were run in CI) and Tier 3 (because no packages were provided). However, we are currently unable to update the Clang and Rust compilers due to there being no Clang release built for Intel macOS from LLVM 16 onwards. Combined with the fact that the Intel Macbook was discontinued in 2021, this decision means that we will no longer be building `zcashd` natively on Intel macOS in CI for testing purposes. We will not be removing build system support (so builds may still function, and community patches to fix issues are welcomed).

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