Open Source Miner Submissions Are Live

The Zcash Open Source Miner Challenge launched on September 27 to enable a wider community to mine for Zcash coins and take collective ownership of the network as a public good. The more individuals who run a miner (whether GPU or CPU), the stronger the network. More than halfway through the challenge, we are thrilled to see many submissions.

Currently, the published submissions include: a sample Equihash solver submission, and four actual submissions to the Challenge, which are a (currently incomplete) would-be GPU miner (OpenCL), a CPU solver (x86_64 assembly), a GPU solver (CUDA), and CPU (C) and GPU (CUDA) solvers (both in one submission).

These submissions, along with links to the code hosted on GitHub, are on the Challenge website. Not all of the submissions we have received are listed. If a submission does not appear to include any Equihash code, then it is not published and will not be considered for judgment unless there is code added before the deadline. Submissions are listed in no particular order.

We expect there will be many more submissions before the October 27 deadline and we hope these midway submissions incentivize others to create open source miners and build off of the existing work (with proper attribution).

If you are interested in participating in the Challenge, please look at the timeline, read the rules and the judging criteria, before applying. The Zcash Company is sponsoring a prize fund of $30,000 for the winner(s) of the challenge. Note that the winning CPU entry will receive a $10,000 prize and the winning GPU entry will receive a $10,000 prize and the other $10,000 of prizes will be distributed to the Runners Up.

You can also participate in the discussions on the Zcash forum.

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