Stewarding a new season at ECC

It’s my great honor to be asked to lead ECC as CEO.

I want to thank Zooko for everything he’s taught me in the six years that I’ve known him. I have deep respect and admiration for Zooko and his contributions to this industry and to mankind. He is a truly remarkable human. There will only ever be one Zooko. 

Zcash is a special project. Its purpose to empower economic freedom is wholesome and good. Its legacy is indelible. The innovation within and the talent behind it are undeniable. That it flourishes is vital. All the earth must have access to private, self-sovereign money if we are to be free.

To realize it, we must begin to move into a new season with a different rhythm. Our focus will be to find product-market fit. That will require a continuous and iterative process of observation, hypotheses development, and testing. We will work with you to invent new things.

This will be a time of wide-eyed discovery, experimentation, and pulling our strengths together to make magic happen. We will be one team, in concert with one another, rapidly ideating and iterating, while working collaboratively with many across the Zcash and crypto ecosystem.

My near term priorities are threefold:

  • Remove friction and barriers, at ECC and within the community, that impede our ability to iterate quickly
  • Focus efforts to exponentially increase Zcash utility through user-focused products and continual feedback
  • Secure ECC financial sustainability so we can deliver more, for longer

In support of these priorities, a few changes will immediately take effect:

  • We will optimize ECC’s organizational structure to support efficiency and improve the likelihood of our success.
  • Internal processes and policies will change to support increased focus, empowerment, and voice.

While I have been asked by ECC to formally help forge a new path ahead, ECC is only one participant in the Zcash community. Realizing a renewed Zcash requires a chorus of voices, both within ECC and across the Zcash community. I look forward to collaborating with you.

I’d like to thank Zooko and the other Bootstrap (ECC parent) Board members, including Alan Fairless, Christina Garman, Michelle Lai, and Zaki Manian, for your leadership, and thoughtfulness. This trust is the honor of my professional life.

I’d also like to thank the many of you across the community who have engaged with me in recent weeks on the future of Zcash — ideating, dreaming, encouraging, and collaborating. You know who you are, and you’re invaluable both to me and this legacy we’re collectively building with Zcash. We all need each other, now more than ever. Let’s go!


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