Supporting Coin Center

Last week Coin Center celebrated two years of support and service to the cryptocurrency community. Today we’re announcing that the Zcash Company is the newest supporter of Coin Center.

Personally, I feel indebted to Jerry Brito, Peter Van Valkenburgh, and the other people of Coin Center for the invaluable education and advice they’ve freely given to us since the inception of the Zcash project. I’m also grateful to them for teaching and informing others: policy-makers, law enforcement officials (with the Blockchain Alliance), and the general cryptocurrency community. I’ve observed multiple times when misinformation and FUD were sweeping like wildfire through the cryptocurrency community, and Coin Center was there to put it out with a big splash of facts and logic.

This donation that we’re making to Coin Center shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement of any of their particular policy positions. I usually don’t have an opinion on such policy issues, but I trust the people of Coin Center to be well-informed, accurate, fair, and to work for the best interests of our society. Our community needs an independent voice which is both trusted and accurate, and Coin Center is providing that.

As another note, when I offered to donate to Coin Center in U.S. Dollars, they said no! They said they wanted Zcash instead. I love them for that. ❤