State of the Network: 1 Year

One year ago, we published our very first State of the Network announcing the successful launch of Zcash 1.0 “Sprout”.

State of the Network

The launch of Zcash 1.0 “Sprout” worked! The blockchain is live. Mining and transactions are working. This is a brief

Zcash begins

The Zcash blockchain is live! We released the genesis block this morning, and people all around our planet have begun

The Design of the Ceremony

Update: Read our full summary of what took place in the Zcash Parameter Generation Ceremony. The Toxic Waste, and Other

Zcash Evolution

We are on track to launch the Zcash currency on October 28th. Recently, we shared our vision of Zcash as

Announcing Zcash Sprout

2016-09-27 Update: The schedule in this post is outdated. Please see our newer post Zcash Launch and Roadmap for the

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