New Release: 2.0.6

This release of zcashd v2.0.6 is a maintenance release, focusing on code clean-ups and minor bug fixes. It precedes v2.0.7

New Release: 2.0.5-2

Note: This release of Zcashd v2.0.5-2 is a hotfix release that all users are encouraged to upgrade to, especially users

New Release: 2.0.4

This release of Zcashd v2.0.4 fixes a Sprout wallet security bug, fixes miner address selection behaviour and introduces a new

New Release: 2.0.3

This release is intended to address security issues in libraries used by Zcash and other outstanding tickets that were in

New Release: 2.0.2

This release adds further support for Sapling in the zcashd wallet RPC and mitigates an issue identified by an external

Sapling Activation Complete

We’re happy to announce that the Zcash Sapling network upgrade activated today at block height 419200. Sapling introduces new shielded

Sapling in HD

Broader ecosystem adoption of shielded addresses through the implementation of faster zk-SNARKs has been a highlight of the Sapling network upgrade. However, there are

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