The Earn Zcash Campaign is a Success

In February, Coinbase kicked off its Earn Zcash campaign which provides Coinbase users the opportunity to earn Zcash by watching a series of short video lessons about the privacy-protecting currency.

The Electric Coin Company allocated 15,518 Zcash for this education, which was worth about $2M at the time of our commitment. We worked with the Coinbase team to develop over seven minutes of educational content. That content was viewed over 500,000 times and included over 117,000 unique Coinbase users. Coinbase has reported to us that 58% of their users are still holding the Zcash they earned through the program and that 4.7% have acquired additional Zcash. Coinbase also calculated a 30-day NPS of 83 for Zcash – which is higher than Apple! These numbers reinforce our belief that Coinbase customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of financial privacy.

Zooko Wilcox, our founder and CEO, characterized the campaign as a great tool for the currency and its adoption, saying, “Coinbase Earn is a phenomenal way to educate new users about Zcash. Thanks to Coinbase Earn, hundreds of thousands of people have learned about financial privacy, zero-knowledge proofs and how to use Zcash to protect their privacy online.”

Fifty-percent of the total Zcash given was in support of this effort, while the remainder was reserved for future Earn Zcash education. Ultimately, all of these tokens will be distributed to Coinbase Earn users.
While token distribution has drawn to a close for this first half of the effort, the educational videos are still available for viewing and sharing. If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to watch the three Coinbase Earn Zcash videos today or share them with a friend.