Zcash Community Spotlight: Guarda Wallet

Edit 2018-06-06: The community spotlight has now ended. There were only a few responses, with no resulting bug reports or criticisms. Thank you for participating.

Today we are kicking off a new feature on this blog, and we’re calling it Community Spotlight. Each installment will feature a new Zcash application to showcase important work, and it gives you a chance to provide direct feedback to the developers.

Our first Community Spotlight features Guarda, who recently released a Zcash mobile wallet for Android. Guarda is a European company that builds an ecosystem of products for blockchain technologies. They build light wallets like the one featured here, but are also working on exchanges, prepaid cards, and hardware wallets.

Guarda received a grant from the Zcash Foundation late last year to make their Zcash light wallet. It currently supports unshielded addresses only, but the company plans to support shielded addresses after the Zcash Sapling upgrade.

Guarda Zcash Wallet on Google Play
Guarda Zcash Wallet on Google Play

The Guarda Zcash wallet is only available on Android. If you have an Android device, download the Guarda wallet app, set it up, and give it a spin. Afterward, tell us what you think by taking our survey. Both Zcash and Guarda are very interested in your feedback.


Guarda Survey


We really look forward to hearing from you! We hope this Community Spotlight helps you discover new Zcash applications, helps our partners improve their releases, and gives Zcash Company insight on community needs.

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