Zcash Company Continues to Attract Talent

The Zcash Company team continues to attract world-class talent to advance its mission of empowering everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. Over the last five months, ten people have joined the project, including two notable executive hires.

Andy Murray signed on as the chief financial officer in June and brings extensive executive experience. Over the past 20 years he served as CFO at a public software company and multiple private software companies where he successfully raised a combined total of over $140M in capital, streamlined expenses, positioned the organizations for growth, and helped shape companies for increased shareholder value.

In September, David Campbell joined Zcash Company as the chief operating officer. David brings 20 years of industry experience, including previous roles as vice president of IT and chief security officer for SendGrid (NYSE: SEND), as well as founding CEO at JumpCloud and Electric Alchemy.

During these past few months, we have also had to bid farewell to two very talented team members, Hugh Kahn and Jay Graber. Hugh founded the Denver office and established the engineering team based there. He worked to create a more efficient engineering process at Zcash Company by implementing an agile process. Jay leaves us after having made a variety of significant contributions over time, from core engineering to user support and maintaining the Zcash website. She led the XCAT Project/Project Alchemy, wrote the Zcash testnet faucet app and the specifications and implementation for Overwinter’s transaction expiry.

Savannah Baily
Human Resources Specialist
Savannah is an advocate for helping individuals fulfill their passion through their work,  and she is excited to have found her home at Zcash Company. She loves learning from her teammates about how to make a more enjoyable workplace, especially with the added challenge of a remote team. In her free time, Savannah likes scavenger hunts, traveling and discussing movie plot holes.

Kevin Gorham
Android Developer
Kevin is an independent contractor who brings an extensive background in server-side platform development and DevOps—but he’s passionate about Android and Kotlin. Over the course of more than a decade, Kevin has often served in lead roles on a wide range of projects including startups, National Defense and Walmart Labs. He has shipped over 40 apps to the Google Play store, each with ratings above 4 stars. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Georgia Tech.

Elise Hamdon
Communications Manager
Elise has been a lifelong advocate for equalizing opportunity across borders and boundaries. She served as the director of several global education offices at universities in the United States. She also worked with the World Bank and Australian government on global education initiatives. She holds a Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research focused on developing a student visa framework based on best practices with the goal of equalizing access to higher education for citizens of all nations.

Mary Moore-Simmons
Operations Manager
Mary has worked in the software space for seven years and specializes in engineering operations. She’s passionate about economic freedom and equality, and she’s an avid cook who loves trying new things. She holds a B.S. in engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

Taylor Hornby
Information Security Engineer
Taylor returns to the team after a hiatus to pursue a master’s degree in quantum information. He will be applying his experience finding cryptography vulnerabilities to help secure Zcash’s users. He said, “I came back here because I missed the team, missed how much I was learning by working here, and I feel like it’s where I can do the most with my skills.”

Joseph Van Geffen
Design Lead
Joseph is an independent contractor who brings his 20 years of accomplished design leadership and proven experience to the team. His background includes overseeing the end-to-end design and development lifecycle of numerous products, applications, and programs. He adds value through strong leadership and mentoring. As an expert in User Experience and User Interaction Design, he has delivered results for major brands such as Capital One, Google, Sephora, and CurrentTV.  He holds a B.A. in computer Art and animation from SCAD.

Benjamin Winston
Director Of Product Security
Benjamin draws on a background in software security analysis, where he spent 10 years analyzing and breaking commercial software — much of it in support of financial organizations. After three years working with the firmware development teams at Fitbit on embedded security, he is making the transition to blockchain at Zcash Company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics from the University of Sheffield.

Kim Wolf
Executive Assistant To CTO
Kim previously served as the director of human resources and executive assistant to the CEO at Revolution Analytics, which grew from a 20-person startup to a 100-plus-employee company within three years and was recently acquired by Microsoft. There, Kim cultivated culture change and human resources policy, and she led the work stream for the Microsoft acquisition.

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