ECC’s North Star: Building a world-class UX for ZEC

To date, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) has discovered and engineered some of the most important cryptographic technology ever built. We birthed the era of zero-knowledge cryptography with Zcash, optimized it with the Sapling upgrade and are now ushering in the next generation of zero-knowledge with Halo.

The deep and difficult crypto work will likely never be done, but the day has come to turn the corner and to more aggressively drive the widespread adoption of ZEC.

Last week, in our third of three 2021 planning sessions, we set a multi-year “North Star” and codified our plans across departments for the next four months. Everything we do will be in support of this focus: To deliver a world-class user experience for ZEC

In support of that, we will specifically aim to deliver the following:

  • Wallets and other user interfaces that allow everyone to securely acquire, store and use ZEC
  • Ubiquitous commercial options for everyone to acquire ZEC and use their ZEC for everyday things like purchases, paying bills or saving, or sending and receiving encrypted messages
  • A feeling of security so people are confident that their ZEC is battle tested and secure from censorship, debasement or loss
  • Continual excitement through the addition of new features in ZEC, as users expect ZEC to evolve as the world evolves
  • Regulatory clarity and safety, where policy and regulations align with our core values, so everyone feels free to use ZEC without confusion about legal status or taxes
  • Alignment of common values and mission that drives community and demand for ZEC

We’ll share more in the coming months including roadmaps, plans and market research. You will also see us retooling certain areas, more aggressively marketing to drive adoption, and hiring more team members to support this work. 

Our ambitions are large and we don’t do this alone. We are thankful for the vast ecosystem that supports ZEC, fellow builders such as the Zcash Foundation, Nighthawk and Zecwallet, the Zcash Open Major Grants team, and the entire Zcash community who are building on and with Zcash. We look forward to working with you to do our part in securing economic freedom for everyone, everywhere.

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