Perspectives on Driving Adoption and Emerging Markets from Carlson

This week’s Perspectives series continues with a two-video set about Driving Adoption and Emerging Markets from Jill Carlson, Cryptocurrency Consultant.

In the first clip, Carlson explains why she left Wall Street to pursue projects in the cryptocurrency space and why institutional money plays an important role in driving adoption.

“…And so this friend of mine called me up one day, and he said, ‘Jill, you’ve got to check out this thing, Bitcoin. I’ve been able to move my money offshore for the first time in decades. It’s going to be totally transformational.’ ” — J. Carlson


In the second segment, Carlson talks about ongoing efforts around the world that are focused the ultimate cryptocurrency use case.

“…. I can’t tell you how many panels and conferences, either I’ve sat on myself or listened to people sit on … and said, “Well, for people like us in the western world, we don’t really need Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. We have sound institutions, for the most part. We have sound monetary system. But for people in a country like Venezuela, that’s suffering from hyperinflation, that’s had these problematic policies in place for years, that’s where it’s really needed.” — J. Carlson


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