Perspectives on Zcash Origins from Tromer

As we approach Zcash’s second birthday, it’s fitting to look back at the origins of this little experiment. And who better to do it than one of the currency’s founding scientists, Eran Tromer, Professor of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University and research scientist at Columbia University.

In this first clip, Tromer discusses how zero-knowledge proofs evolved from academic research into the robust cryptographic tools that today serve as the backbone of the Zcash protocol.

“… In October 2016, we actually shipped the code. That was, I’m proud and happy to say, the most boring launch of my life, because it actually worked. It keeps working to this day, and here we are finding ways to make people use it.”  — E. Tromer


In our bonus video for this week, Tromer defines the essence of cryptography and how that construct informs his perspective about security and trust relevant to zk-SNARKS.

“… no single party can control and compromise the integrity or privacy of Zcash. And as a declaration of values, I think that’s a powerful one.”  — E. Tromer


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