Zcash coin-holder polling open now

ECC has opened its non-binding, coin-weighted ZEC-holder poll ahead of NU5 activation, to gather sentiment regarding development priorities for Zcash and Chris Burniske’s proposal to amend ZIP 1014.

Last month, our CTO, Nathan Wilcox, wrote about giving ZEC holders a voice and how, as Zcash governance progressively decentralizes, adding a mechanism for community input on-chain is a valuable and worthy endeavor: “If we look beyond Zcash into the broader crypto ecosystem, on-chain governance mechanisms are increasing in popularity and may soon be the norm.”

To reiterate, this ECC poll is to gather feedback in addition to sentiment gathered by the ZCAP poll. The ZCAP is a group of community members whose membership and polling is curated and managed by the Zcash Foundation. The ECC coin-weighted poll is open to anyone that holds ZEC.

In this forum post,we outline instructions for participating in the coin-holder poll. Instructions are written specifically for the Zecwallet Lite desktop app*. Instructions may be slightly different depending on the wallet you use. In order to participate in this poll, you will need a Zcash wallet that supports both t-addresses and z-addresses and ZEC. The post details how to ensure the least amount of data leakage.

Polling closes at block height 1410115, around  Friday, October 1st at 23:59 UTC.

* Correction: The original post detailed instructions for ZecWallet Lite mobile application. We suggest using ZecWallet desktop only instead of the mobile application since desktop application allows you to use generate new t-addresses. This feature is not yet supported on mobile.


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