Zcash Now Supported in Flexa’s SPEDN Wallet

Spending your Zcash has never been easier

Flexa just announced support for Zcash on the SPEDN wallet. Flexa and its partnership with Gemini was announced earlier this year during New York Blockchain Week.

Flexa enables tap-and-pay Zcash spending at thousands of major retailers. Using only your smartphone and Flexa’s SPEDN wallet, you can pay with Zcash for everyday purchases like a cup of coffee on the way to work or take-out dinner on the way back home. Zcash is immediately available to all SPEDN wallet users.

“Zcash is arguably the best digital currency for protecting privacy and promoting global economic freedom across the Flexa network,” said Tyler Spalding, Flexa co-founder & CEO. “We’re proud to support ECC and the Crypto Community Project and help bring meaningful progress towards financial inclusion.”

The announcement was made as a part of joint work by the Electric Coin Company (ECC) and Flexa on a pilot program called the Crypto Community Project. The program brings together young people in the South Bronx, Aug. 1-2, with a goal of increasing crypto-awareness and adoption in underserved communities. Participant students will be able to access the SPEDN wallet and begin using Zcash at any of the 39,000 Flexa-network-supported retail locations. 

In addition to ECC and Flexa, Gemini, Casa and other crypto-focused companies are lending their support to the project. More information on the Crypto Community Project will be released at a later date.

What is Flexa’s SPEDN Wallet?

Flexa’s SPEDN wallet enables instant cryptocurrency payments in stores and online. Its network is designed to act as an intermediary between merchants and the blockchain, offering inexpensive and fraud-resistant transactions without volatility exposure. Flexa enables consumers to pay with Zcash while preserving their freedom, security and data privacy. 

How Can I Use the Wallet to Spend Zcash?

Spending your Zcash is as simple as: load, tap and pay! Just download the SPEDN app from the iOS App Store (the Android app is still in beta), tap Zcash to load it onto the wallet, and pay by having the cashier scan the flexcode that appears on your screen.

Then, in seconds, your Zcash balance is converted into USD, covering all or part of your purchase, and your transaction is complete.

Where Can I Spend Zcash?

The list of stores that accept Zcash via the Flexa network is rapidly expanding. Today it works at major coffee, gaming, household goods and retail merchants across the country. Download the SPEDN app to see the full list of available retailers accepting Zcash in your area.

Flexa’s long-term goal is for retailers everywhere to support Zcash payments. Is there a retailer that you would like to see added to the list? Tell Flexa where else you would like to spend your Zcash. 

Watch for further cooperation between Flexa and Zcash.

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