Zcash on Bithumb

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Zcash to the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange in the world — Bithumb of South Korea. With the evolving regulatory situation in China for all cryptocurrencies, it’s promising to see the Zcash ecosystem continuing to grow in the greater Asian market and around the world.

This announcement not only opens up access to Zcash for more people but also allows users to benefit from Bithumb’s listing of ZEC through a promotional “cash back” program. Users who trade with ZEC before the promotion concludes will earn additional ZEC. You can find more details on the program on the cash back announcement page.

The VP of Bithumb, Jung-A Lee, expressed four reasons to support Zcash:

  • Strong, stable network.
  • Tons of transactions already sent.
  • World-wide mining and trading.
  • Zero-knowledge proof technology.

Bithumb’s Korean customers are some of the most eager traders in the world creating exceptional liquidity for the cryptocurrencies listed on Bithumb’s platform. The improved access to ZEC and the subsequent increase in exchange volume are important for Zcash’s global, long-term market presence. Bithumb’s Zcash support introduces the opportunity for one million new users to join the Zcash ecosystem.

Bithumb joins a growing list of exchanges supporting Zcash in different regions around the world. Exchanges considering adding Zcash support should reach out to us via email or by joining our community chat, we’d be happy to help!

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