UX evaluation of OpenBazaar

We believe that the usability of wallets and services that accept cryptocurrencies make a huge impact on user adoption and

Zcash on CEX.IO

We’re happy to announce that CEX.IO is the newest exchange to list Zcash trading! CEX.IO is a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange

Zcash on Bithumb

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Zcash to the highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange in the world — Bithumb

Zcash on Bitpie

We have an exciting update for the Zcash ecosystem about Bitpie integration. Zcash on Bitpie is live! (Or read the

Zcash Global Growth

Internet money enables people to send money anywhere in the world, cheaply [1], and in minutes. Zcash can be used

Internet Money

Six months ago today we launched an ambitious attempt to create Internet Money. We dream of giving every human on

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