Zcash on Bitpie

We have an exciting update for the Zcash ecosystem about Bitpie integration. Zcash on Bitpie is live! (Or read the announcement in English.)

Bitpie is a simple and secure wallet developed by the Bither team and has a growing active userbase of over 50,000. With the inclusion of Zcash, now many more users will have the ability to send and receive Zcash from their Android phones and iPhones not only in China, but all over the world.

We asked the CEO of Bitpie Wen Hao why he chose Zcash. He said: “because zero knowledge proofs bring greater privacy, which is very attractive. And Zcash acceptance for domestic miners is better”.

We then asked why he or his users valued privacy, “because privacy is good for decentralization.” We are firm believers that privacy and decentralization are intimately connected.

Bitpie is an easy to use application and supports not only sending and receiving cryptocurrency, but also has integrated trade functions. Adding trade functionality between ZEC and BTC is in the works and they are looking to provide more trading functions in the future.

Bitpie also confirmed their interest in supporting shielded addresses in the near future. With more with easy-to-use wallet interfaces introducing shielded addresses into their software, users of the applications will gain enhanced privacy for transactions. On a larger scale, the ecosystem as a whole will become more private.

With the delisting of ICOs in China and subsequent climate of fear and uncertainty for all cryptocurrencies, Zcash is forging ahead and we’re excited to welcome Bitpie’s 50,000 Chinese users into our ecosystem.

Bitpie joins a growing list of third-party GUI applications supporting Zcash. Wallets considering adding Zcash support should reach out to us in email or by joining our community chat, we’d be happy to help!

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