The Website is Now in Both English and Chinese

Today we are releasing the Zcash website in Chinese. And soon we will have Chinese-specific sections of our Zcash Forum, Slack Community for our Chinese-speaking enthusiasts to participate and grow that part of the Zcash ecosystem.

The Zcash team is proud of this release, as we intend to translate the site into many other languages over the coming months. Zcash aims to create an open, permissionless financial network, which all of the world’s people can use to give themselves financial freedom and safety; having our content in multiple languages is one of the many ways we hope to achieve that goal.

We love and cherish the many contributors, listeners, advocates, ambassadors, technicians, and enthusiasts that live and work all over the world. Thank you to our trusted translators and those who helped engineer this translation project, namely Zcash engineer Jay Graber, consultant Jing Wang, and Zcash investor group, Fenbushi Capital.

Zcash is a global company, interested in inviting all Zcash participants around the world to join the conversation!