Expanding Zcash Content: Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Today we have published the Zcash website content in three new languages: Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. It is the main site content that we have completed, and we will be publishing blog posts in all three new languages as we are able.

Please use the “language” button in the top right corner to toggle between languages.

Zcash is a global company, and we invite all Zcash participants around the world to join the conversation. As we expand and build we hope to add more languages and translations and support the growth of many communities and many forums.

Thank you to our trusted translators and those who helped engineer this translation project, namely Zcash engineer Jay Graber, translators Evandro Reis Matias, Evgeny Dmitriev, Sp Zhang, Lupa, and transation consultants: Jason Fang, Ishbir Singh, Vlad of vk.com/zcash, Aliaksei Liutsich, Yuriy Nikulichev, JZA, and Herman Junge.

Please email [email protected] if you have questions or would like to participate in future translations of Zcash content.