Luxor mines the first shielded coinbase

Luxor Mining Pool has mined the first Zcash block to a shielded coinbase at height #949496. Shielded coinbase was enabled with ZIP 213, which was included in Heartwood, the latest Zcash network upgrade.


This is the first time that Zcash coins were mined directly into the shielded pool, without ever passing through a transparent address. As more miners elect to mine to a shielded coinbase, the larger the Sapling pool will be, increasing the anonymity and privacy of the entire Zcash network. 

“Mining a block is the first step in the infinite lifespan of a digital asset. By adding privacy to this genesis, everyone in the Zcash community benefits. Luxor will continue to expand its shielded mining efforts; this is a new technology and requires careful planning to execute with minimal disruption to the existing operation,” said Nick Hansen, CEO at Luxor Technologies.

Luxor is the largest North American mining pool for Zcash, responsible for approximately 8% of the hash power on the network. Luxor was also one of the first pools to support payouts to miners with a shielded address. 

Learn more about mining Zcash with Luxor here.

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