New Zcash light client support resources and documentation

Earlier this year, we released resources for building shielded mobile wallets, which open-sourced a suite of libraries to support the shielded-Zcash ecosystem. 

We’re excited to announce we’ve added resources for mobile developers building on Zcash.

These libraries complement our existing resources for mobile wallet developers.

A demo app is a bare-bones app designed to highlight the code underneath, and is a developer resource. ECC used these wallet libraries to build zECC wallet, a wallet designed for users. It is a fully-functional, shielded-first app for sending, receiving and storing Zcash. We plan to open-source the zECC wallet later this quarter to be a resource for community-driven development. 

The structure of the Zcash ecosystem funding will soon change to distribute major grants to independent developers. The wallet team at ECC is working to provide the adequate resources for a thriving community of wallet developers to join us in the mission of getting shielded addresses widely adopted. You don’t need to wait until funding though, start by having a look at the resources and chatting with the wallet team.

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