Open-sourcing ECC Wallet

At our Q1 2020 live stream, the ECC team unveiled our ECC Wallet along with new resources for mobile wallet developers. ECC Wallet is a fully functional, Android- and iOS-native mobile wallet built for Sapling shielded Zcash transactions on mainnet. ECC Wallet is currently an internal project as we continue testing and improving the code so that it is robust and reliable. We commit to open-sourcing ECC Wallet (Android and iOS versions) in Q2 2020.

Using ECC’s mobile wallet SDKs, we were able to create a production-ready app that is fast, beautiful and compatible with a wide range of devices. We wanted to demonstrate that shielded-first payments can have a user-friendly and intuitive design geared toward first-time crypto audiences. The ECC Wallet loads almost immediately on modern hardware. By using our lightwalletd server, checkpoints and wallet birthdays, wallets sync in a matter of seconds. In addition to SDKs, we will continue to provide developers additional resources such as wallet documentation

Once open-sourced, these libraries will be fully functional wallets when compiled and run on mobile devices. We hope this step will help jump start wallet development teams to incorporate shielded Zcash into their mobile wallets in the very near future. If you want to see shielded Zcash on your favorite apps and services, send a feature request to their support teams and tell them about the libraries we have created.

Our vision is wide-spread shielded Zcash support. We have created a set of tools to make this an attainable goal, and we are actively looking for companies to partner with us to deliver this functionality to everyone. 

Please note, ECC has no current plans to deploy ECC wallets to an app store. 

This article was updated to reflect a name change in the wallet.

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