Refining and recommitting to the ECC mission

Our mission is to empower people with economic freedom. 

To that end, we build and support Zcash to provide everyone with access to a fair and open currency — one that gives people the access and option to participate in economic activity, without censorship or surveillance, evolving as the world evolves.

This focus hasn’t changed significantly since Zcash launched in 2016, but today we double-down and recommit to the charge. It means that everything we do at Electric Coin Co. (ECC) — across R&D, engineering, regulatory, adoption efforts and demand generation — is in service of equal access and economic opportunity for all people.


With the Zcash halving and Canopy activation on the horizon (November) this was a good time to restate our purpose and to recalibrate our strategy; to celebrate this moment, today we launched a new The goal is to update messaging and to provide more resources and information in a single experience. We’ve also published a mission document that was originally shared internally. We hope it provides context and clarity, and we dare to hope it inspires you in some way.

Even with renewed energy and a smart, focused team, ECC is small. We know we can’t realize this bold vision alone. We need help from our brilliant ecosystem and Zcash community. Teams like Gemini, Binance, Flexa, DGC, Ethereum Foundation and others have already committed to recent mission-aligned ECC efforts, and the Zcash Foundation has always been an indispensable ally. With Canopy activation, a new Major Grants Review Committee will find and fund Zcash development contributors at a noteworthy scale, but more will be needed. If economic freedom is important to you and you are interested in teaming up or contributing in any way, please reach out. Together, we’ve got a shot at empowering the world with economic freedom.

Click to download the ECC mission doc.


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