Zcash is Unstoppable: Privacy-focused wallet first to integrate ECC wallet SDKs

Today, Unstoppable became the first multi-currency wallet to enable shielded Zcash addresses on iOS* and Android. By integrating ECC’s mobile wallet SDKs, Unstoppable has brought about an important milestone for shielded addresses, which allow users to send confidential peer-to-peer transactions. 

Launched in 2019, Unstoppable is an open-source, non-custodial storage solution known for its intuitive design and frictionless user experience. 

Unstoppable is a natural fit for Zcash given their emphasis on user privacy. When you download the app, Unstoppable does not collect any personal data about your identity. The app also offers TOR integration to obfuscate IP addresses and user location. 

Unstoppable was released by Horizontal Systems, a company founded by Aibek Esengulov. His vision for the project is as follows: 

“We dream of a world … where private property is untouchable and market access is unconditional. For us, the rights to property, privacy and open commerce means having the power to make independent choices in life affairs.

“While our engineering journey as Horizontal Systems started back in 2014 we transitioned to blockchain technology only in 2018. That transition came as a result of poor experience dealing with emerging regulatory limitations and business-breaking problems, i.e., bank account closures and application denials from financial service providers on vague grounds.

“The unwillingness to compromise directed us towards blockchain fintech. In 2018, we embarked on a journey to engineer a cryptocurrency wallet (even a personal bank) that is equally open to all, works everywhere without depending on centrally managed servers and designed to unconditionally protect the assets and privacy of the user.

“Today, the fundamentals of privacy are distorted, i.e., shown in a common misconception about privacy that it’s about having something to hide. We see property and privacy as an inherent human right which is crucial for preserving personal dignity.”

Unstoppable was one of about a dozen submissions to the Zcash Gitcoin Grants Round 1, with $25K matching available for developers. Their goal for the grant is to integrate support for REN protocol to provide non-custodial minting of RenZEC and trading of ERC20 assets. The deadline to vote on grants is November 17th, you can view their submission here.  

This year, Zcash mobile wallet development, particularly shielded support, has taken center stage. ECC has open-sourced developer tooling and documentation, including iOS and Android SDKs, the ECC wallet app, and a compatible lightwallet server. 

Our goal at ECC is for financial freedom to be accessible to everyone, and we believe that privacy-preserving shielded addresses are necessary to achieve that objective.

*Available on Android at press time. A snag at the Apple Store is delaying iOS temporarily.

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